Where do you put the powder in the washing machine?

where to pour the powder in the automatic machineAt first glance, it seems that the question of where to pour powder in an automatic washing machine can only be asked by a person of limited intelligence. This is not true at all. In fact, the essence of the issue lies much deeper than it seems and comes down to objective savings in detergent and better washing. As part of the article, we will try to cover all the main aspects of this issue and enlighten you regarding the correct placement of powder in an automatic washing machine.

Understanding the powder cuvette

If you answer the question formulated in the topic of the article in monosyllables, then the answer is obvious - you should pour the powder into a special dispenser. The dispenser is also called a powder cuvette or powder receiver. Finding a dispenser in an automatic washing machine is not difficult. Everything will depend mainly on the type of machine and its type of loading.

In a top-loading washing machine, that is, one in which the laundry hatch is on top. The powder dispenser is a special box that is attached to the inside of the hatch cover. This drawer is quite large, usually even larger than front-loading machines. In rare cases, older models of vertical washing machines had powder dispensers located to the left of the hatch. This turned out to be inconvenient, so manufacturers later abandoned this option for placing the powder receiver.where to put the powder in the machine

The powder dispenser in a front-loading washing machine can be found in the upper left corner of its body. This is a small drawer with several sections inside.What are these sections for? To begin with, we note that in any washing machine there is a symbol in the dispenser opposite each of its sections; it would be nice to decipher these symbols.

  • I or "A". Such symbols can be seen opposite the narrow dispenser cell of the washing machine. Both of these symbols represent the same thing, namely the prewash compartment. That is, if you selected the “Pre-wash” program, it means that you pour a small amount of powder into this cell. Only dry powder is suitable for this cell.
  • * or Softener or flower image. These symbols can be seen opposite a tiny cell, which is often made of plastic of a different color. Conditioner is poured into this cell; under no circumstances should powder be poured into it.
  • II or "B". They designate the largest compartment of the washing machine dispenser. This compartment is the most important and serves to load powder during the main wash. When selecting most washing programs, this compartment should be used.where to put the powder in the machine

Note! The modern variety of washing programs also requires a varied use of cells in the powder dispenser. For washing to be effective, you need to know not only how much powder to pour, but where and under what conditions.

This will have to be dealt with in each specific case, depending on the model of the washing machine. For example, in a front-facing washing machine, when choosing a program that involves soaking for 30 minutes and then washing, you must use at least two cells: I and II, as well as, if necessary, a cell for conditioner.

Features of powder compartments of different machines - overview

Washing machines use various cuvettes for powder.Let's review several models of such machines and, using their example, tell you about the features of the powder compartments.

  1. Whirlpool AWE 6516/1. The detergent compartment of this top loading machine consists of a pre-wash compartment, a main wash compartment, a softener compartment and a starch compartment. Moreover, dry matter cannot be poured into the starch container, only a mixture of water and starch.
  2. Hotpoint Ariston AQS1D Middle-class horizontal-loading washing machine. Its powder drawer has several compartments: a pre-wash compartment, a main wash compartment, a conditioner compartment and a bleach compartment. Moreover The bleach compartment is removable; if you install it, you will not be able to turn on the “prewash” function.
  3. Bosch WAW32540OE. An excellent German expensive washing machine. It has a relatively simple powder dispenser consisting of: a pre-wash compartment, a main wash compartment, a compartment for liquid starch or conditioner and a compartment for liquid detergents. The manufacturer warns: for better rinsing of thick detergent from the cuvette, it must be diluted with water.
  4. Indesit EWD 71052 CIS. Inexpensive, but quite good washing machine from a well-known manufacturer. Has a four-section powder dispenser. It contains: a pre-wash compartment, a main wash compartment (powder or liquid), a compartment for liquid softeners and fragrances, and a removable bleach compartment. The peculiarity is that the bleach compartment is divided into two more sections - a cell for thick bleach and a cell for gentle bleaching.washing machines

As can be seen from this review, in general, the powder cuvettes of different washing machines are similar to each other. However, there are nuances, ignorance of which can affect the quality of washing, so experts strongly recommend that you carefully read the instructions before starting the program.

What if you don't use a powder cuvette?

Experts approach this issue cautiously, preferring to agree with the opinion of washing machine manufacturers, who claim: you cannot pour powder into the drum directly onto things, you need to use a dispenser. And, indeed, there are very specific reasons to say so.

  1. If you pour the powder directly onto dark items in the drum, there is a risk that the granular concentrated substance will begin to dissolve directly on the clothes and, as a result, white spots will appear on them.
  2. If you sprinkle the powder under things on the wall of the drum, then when starting up, part of the powder will float down the drain along with the water that the pump will pump out of the tank. After all, there is always water left in the tank from previous washes.
  3. Some washing programs are designed so that the powder will be washed out of the cuvette gradually, in portions, and not all at once. If you pour powder into the drum, then such programs will not be able to fully perform their function.

On the other hand, in older models of washing machines, the powder cuvettes are designed extremely poorly. Very often, most of the detergent remains in the dispenser, what is the quality of the wash? What to do in this case, how to mitigate the above disadvantages of pouring powder directly into the drum?

First you need to get a special plastic container for the powder, which is placed in the drum of the machine. By the way, such containers are often supplied with a washing machine, but even if you don’t have them, it doesn’t matter. A pair of these containers costs only 1 USD, so buy and use. At the same time, to improve the quality of washing, you can use special washing balls.powder container

Note! The container has one compartment, where you need to pour the powder. And its lid has special holes through which water enters the container and dissolves the powder, washing it into the tank of the machine.

So, where should you put the washing powder in the machine so that it dissolves properly - of course, in a special dispenser. This is in most cases. But, as they say, in exceptional cases you can use a special container for the powder, which must be placed directly into the drum, not forgetting to pour the product into it. Under no circumstances should you pour powder directly into the drum onto things - this can lead to damage to things, especially black ones.


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    I have Atlas.

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    Where should I pour the liquid powder? As I understand it, compartments 1 and 2 are washed out immediately, as they drain into a common container.

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